August 31, 2011

WE desludges Chirapatre and Ahinsan WSPs

Approximately 15 years after their construction, WE organized and financed the first desludging of two community-scale waste stabilization ponds in Kumasi.

We’ve been farming catfish at Ahinsan since 2010 and have been coping with – or more accurately, our fish have been coping with – very low oxygen conditions in the final ponds. This was stressing out our fish. So, following long-term water quality analysis and observation, we determined that significant sludge accumulation, and its impact on the treatment performance, was the root of our problems.

And of course, what isn’t good for our fish isn’t good for the stream that the wastewater leaving the treatment plant empties into.

In preparation for expanding our aquaculture business, we also undertook an even more elaborate desludging and rehabilitation at the Chirapatre WSP. Some of the ponds had been entirely taken over by vegetation, eliminating virtually all treatment capacity of the system. With its new facelift, Chirapatre is ready to treat wastewater again… and ready to host catfish.

In October, we’ll be re-stocking Ahinsan and stocking the Chirapatre maturation ponds with fish for the first time. Stay tuned for updates on the cultivation period.